Episode 12: The Fall (Lineup) of Superheros

In this episode the Sidekicks watch a crop of new and returning TV shows this fall that focus on our favorite comic book heroes and villains. If you aren’t sure what shows out there are worth getting involved in this is your shot to find out what’s hot this fall!

Sidekicks EP 11 – Civil War: Spiderman vs Spiderman

Welcome back! We’re so glad to be rested recovered and ready to take on a new season of Side Kicks! As we mentioned waaaaaay back in episode 10 this episode we are reviewing side by side both the Tobey Maguire Spiderman from 2002, and the Andrew Garfield Amazing Spiderman from 2012. This episode we also revisit our Civil War predictions now that Marvel has released some new images to promo the film. Lines and been drawn and there is a ferry boat ride on the line. Which sidekick will come out victorious, and which will just be really boring? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Sidekicks EP 10 – Have you heard the one about…

[podlove-episode-web-player publisher=”62″ post_id=”62″] Sidekicks Podcast [56 MB]Sidekicks Podcast [57 MB]DownloadShow URL Episode 10! Can you believe it?  This week we focus on a discussion about our heroes killing villains and use The Killing Joke as a jumping off point for this discussion. We also cover Chicken for Breakfast. Is it ok?

Sidekicks Ep 9 – Too Fantastic Too Four

Welcome back to another great show where the guys discuss Fantastic Four directly after viewing it so you don’t have too. Let’s be honest, this is full of spoilers like all our movie reviews, but you weren’t going to see this anyway. No one did. So join us while we run down a little bit of the latest gossip and then land on all FOUR wheels for our FANTASTIC whirlwind review

Sidekicks Ep 8 – Sideshot Pinkicks Crosscast

Welcome to a very special cross cast episode of the sidekicks pod with our friends from the Skillshot Pincast. For those of you who don’t know, Skillshot is a Seattle based Pinball Zine focused on local pinball news and the skillshot pincast is a companion podcast hosted by Graham and Kayla. The two of them were kind enough to take Michael and Daniel down to the 8-bit Arcade in Renton, WA to play some pins and talk about superheroes afterwards. You can find their podcast on iTunes, soundcloud and other podcasting apps as Skill Shot Pincast. You can also find it on skill-shot.com under podcast. It’s a great podcast to listen to whether you are an enthusiast, casual fan or just curious. We all highly recommend it.