Episode 17 – Kneel Before Pod…cast

To prep for the upcoming Batman v Superman the Sidekicks embark on an episode all things Superman! This week we watch and compare Superman 2, and Man of Steel. Bill Watches the Donner cut which apparently a completely different movie. Listen as all the Sidekicks are confused! Get yourself all warmed up with intense laser vision for the next Superman outing.

Episode 16 – Captain Deadpool

[podlove-episode-web-player publisher=”82″ post_id=”82″] Sidekicks Podcast [55 MB]DownloadShow URL Hey Sidekickers we’re back! This week we’re starting of with a bang and diving right into this months blockbuster release Deadpool. Bill, Mike and Daniel are all back plus we once again are honored to have Ali join us again this time in Studio! Come here what Read More …

Episode 15 – Jessica Jonesin

Happy Holidays Side Dishes! Our gift to you this year is a fresh new episodes of Sidekicks! This episode we have a very special guest Allie join us for a quick review of Jessica Jones. We also do a recap review of 2015 and talk about what we are looking forward to in 2016. Join us in wrapping up the year and prepping for the next year!

Episode 14 – Let’s Get Punishing

Hey Everyone! Sidekicks are back in an episode where we watch the two most recent Punisher movies (The Punisher, and Punisher Warzone) then review and compare them. In the end I think we were all properly punished. We also read more letters from listeners! Be sure to check it out and let us know what Punisher Movie is your favorite!

Episode 13 – Super Women

One thing I think most people can agree on is that Super Hero Movies and TV could use some more diversity. The Comics that these movies are based on have a huge variety of female leads, but we seem to have a drought of super women in production. With Jessica Jones coming out (it’s out now, but was pending when we recorded. Look for our review soon!) and more buzz about future Female led movies the Sidekicks explore which comic book women they would like to see in TV and on the big screen. We also watch and review Catwoman which is one of the movies most pointed to as an excuse for why Female led super movies won’t work. Join us