Episode 30 – Wonder Woman

We watched Wonder Woman! It’s good! Real good! How’d that happen?! Find out, along with our thoughts on uhhhh… tangentially related stuff on this week’s episode!

Episode 29 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

We watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! Is it good? Who’s our favorite guardian? Did Caroline buy the commemorative baby Groot popcorn container from the theater?! FIND OUT ALL THIS AND MORE ON THIS WEEK’S SIDEKICKS PODCAST.

Episode 28 – Iron Fist

“You’re making my fist yellow. You wouldn’t like me when my fist is yellow.” – Iron Fist, WHICH WE WATCHED. Tune in to hear our thoughts about everyone’s favorite, most necessary Marvel Character!

Episode 27 – Logan

Johnny Cash did a cover of an X-Men movie! And we watched it! Tune in and find out our thoughts 🙂

Oh also, beware MEGA SPOILERS cuz they’re in here